Beer drinkers around the country are raising a glass today (Friday 4 August) to National Beer day. As a country of beer lovers, it is no surprise that consumers enjoy a beer on-premise and new data confirms which states and beer styles are dominating the market.

Despite the increasing cost of living, the beer market has shown resilience and the IWSR anticipates on-premise beer sales will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2025.

Following recent data analysis, hospitality tech innovator me&u has revealed the habits and culture driving the Australian beer market. The data confirms assumptions about the styles dominating the market, with Tasmanians taking the title as the country’s biggest lovers of lager.

Remaining the most ordered beer in the last 12 months across all states, lager has been crowned the nation’s favourite brew. Reigning over the beer market, the diverse offering of lager on-premise has seen the beverage claim 80 per cent of TAS beer sales and 62 per cent of beer shares in NT. QLD beer drinkers follow close behind, with lager taking a 56 per cent share of all beer sales in the state.

In the last year a number of different beer styles have also seen an uplift in sales, with pacific ale and pale ale sharing the highest quantity of beer sales after lager. Unaffected by seasonal changes, both styles have experienced steady growth with pale ale seeing its highest uplift in sales since January 2023.

In an analysis of beer sales by hour, data revealed that lunch time and post work drinks remain high. Almost half (49 per cent) of all beer and cider sales are made on weekdays, between the peak hours of 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 8pm.

In the total share of beers ordered per state over the last 12 months, QLD were revealed as the biggest beer lovers with stats showing that 36 per cent of all beer sales came from the state. This was closely followed by NSW at 24 per cent.

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