Australia’s best vodkas have been revealed at the World Vodka Awards, which has named country winners in four categories: Flavoured Vodka, Infused/Botanical Vodka, Pure Neutral Vodka and Varietal Vodka.

The awards also named the medal winners in each category, with 17 Australian vodkas gaining recognition.

The Australian Winners are:

  • Flavoured Vodka:
    • Country Winner – Old Young’s Pavlova Vodka
    • Silver – Hepburn Distillery Cask Aged Organic Potato Vodka
  • Infused/Botanical Vodka:
    • Country Winner – Archie Rose Distilling Co. Native Botanical Vodka
    • Silver – 23rd Street Distillery Riverland Rose Vodka
    • Bronze – Archie Rose Distilling Co. Original Vodka
  • Pure Neutral Vodka:
    • Country Winner – Critters Distillery Original Vodka
    • Gold – Earp Distilling Co. Vodka Pure
    • Silver – Vodi Vodka
    • Silver – Old Young’s Pure No. 1
    • Bronze – Adelaide Vodka Triple Distilled
    • Bronze – 23rd Street Distillery Australian Vodka
    • Bronze – Pure Origin Tasmanian Vodka
  • Varietal Vodka:
    • Country Winner – Hellfire Bluff Distillery Potato Vodka
    • Silver – Hepburn Distillery Organic Potato Vodka
    • Silver – Spring Bay Vodka
    • Bronze – Idle Hour Filtered Rye Vodka
    • Bronze – Hartshorn Distillery Sheep Whey Vodka

Archie Rose Founder, Will Edwards, told The Shout: “We’re thrilled with this accolade which endorses the goal of our new Native Botanical Vodka showcasing the incredible native and local ingredients available in Australia and our belief that vodka has just as much of a right to be on the table or behind the bar as gin in terms of flavour and complexity.”

Tasmania’s Hellfire Distillery was understandably delighted with its win in the Varietal Vodka category, with the potato farmers on Tasmania’s south east coast thrilled with the international acclaim.

Hellfire’s Business Manager, Ruby Daly, said: “Crafting vodka from the paddock to the bottle can be an arduous process, however this recognition as Country Winners in the Varietal Vodka category demonstrates the dedication required to create such a unique spirit is worthwhile.

“Our Potato Vodka is one of the few of its kind made Australia and we have spent years refining our process to create a quality product.”

Head Distiller Dave Harris says that while most modern vodka’s are grain based with a neutral flavour profile, Potato Vodka is full of character.

“We use ‘perfectly imperfect’ potatoes that have not quite made the grade for retail sales, mostly due to aesthetic reasons. We predominantly use Tasmanian Pink Eye’s or Nicola’s to create the Vodka — and lots of them. On average there are approximately 15 kilos of potatoes per bottle,” he said.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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