Top 500 Bars has unveiled a new ranking, with its 100 most influential bars in the world, and several Australian bars have made the list.

The list is compiled using data aggregated from over 2000 sources across the internet, and in more than 20 languages. The opinions of experts, journalists and influencers are used rankings, reviews on platforms, social media and search engines to complete the data set.

Top 500 Bars says its algorithm is “about finding a complementary ranking with existing selections to highlight the daily work of individuals who drive this industry”.

The 100 most influential bars list has a top three of Paradiso in Barcelona, The Connaught in London and Jigger and Pony in Singapore.

This year four Australian bars were listed in the top 100, with Maybe Sammy once again coming out on top in Australia.

The four Australian bars are:

  • Maybe Sammy (17)
  • RE- (86)
  • The Everleigh (92)
  • Black Pearl (95)

Top 500 Bars said of its list: “Top 500 bars is pleased to announce the new ranking of the most influential bars in the world from 100 to 1. The new most influential bar is Paradiso in Barcelona. Congrats to Giacomo Giannotti and his team, taking the crown from the Connaught which is number two this year.

“This year our ranking of 500 bars involved 127 different cities (compared to 113 last year), 56 different countries (53 last year), with new cities like Riga, Bengaluru or San Vincenzo. If UK and Singapore are still strong players, Italy becomes the third country with the most bars in the full ranking.

“All this data has been processed by an algorithm to produce a weighted ranking of 500 bars, by the people, for the people. Because in the end… every opinion counts.”

The 100 Most Influential Bars are:

  1. Paradiso (Barcelona/Spain)
  2. Connaught Bar (London/UK)
  3. Jigger and Pony (Singapore City/Singapore)
  4. Lyaness (London/UK)
  5. Little Red Door (Paris/France)
  6. ATLAS (Singapore City/Singapore)
  7. The Clumsies (Athens/Greece)
  8. Tayer + Elementary (London/UK)
  9. Alquimico (Cartagena/Colombia)
  10. Drink Kong (Rome/Italy)
  11. Two Schmucks (Barcelona/Spain)
  12. Hanky Panky (Mexico City/Mexico)
  13. Side Hustle (London/UK)
  14. Manhattan Bar (Singapore City/Singapore)
  15. Licoreria Limantour (Mexico City/Mexico)
  16. Salmon Guru (Madrid/Spain)
  17. Maybe Sammy (Sydney/Australia)
  18. Swift (London/UK)
  19. Katana Kitten (New York/US)
  20. Penicillin (Hong Kong/China)
  21. Floreria Atlantico (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
  22. ‘Bar with shapes for a name’ (London/UK)
  23. Sips (Barcelona/Spain)
  24. COA (Hong Kong/China)
  25. ARGO (Hong Kong/China)
  26. Native (Singapore City/Singapore)
  27. Artesian (London/UK)
  28. Attaboy (New York/US)
  29. Locale (Florence/Italy)
  30. Sidecar (New Delhi/India)
  31. 1930 (Milan/Italy)
  32. Café La Trova (Miami/US)
  33. Dukes (London/UK)
  34. Silverleaf (London/UK)
  35. Himkok (Oslo/Norway)
  36. Baba au Rum (Athens/Greece)
  37. Freni e Frizioni (Rome/Italy)
  38. Camparino in Galleria (Milan/Italy)
  39. Overstory (New York/US)
  40. Le Syndicat (Paris/France)
  41. Scarfes Bar (London/UK)
  42. 28 Hong Kong Street (Singapore City/Singapore)
  43. Mo Bar (Singapore/Singapore)
  44. Red Frog Speakeasy (Lisbon/Portugal)
  45. Oriole (London/UK)
  46. Danico (Paris/France)
  47. Jerry Thomas Speakeasy (Rome/Italy)
  48. Dante (New York/US)
  49. 1862 Dry Bar (Madrid/Spain)
  50. Gucci Giardino 25 (Florence/Italy)
  51. Handshake Speakeasy (Mexico City/Mexico)
  52. Bar Benfiddich (Tokyo/Japan)
  53. Analogue (Singapore/Singapore)
  54. BKK Social Club (Bangkok/Thailand)
  55. Double Chicken Please (New York/US)
  56. The Court (Rome/Italy)
  57. Panda & Sons (Edinburgh/UK)
  58. Dr. Stravinsky (Barcelona/Spain)
  59. Bemelmans Bar (New York/US)
  60. La Factoria (San Juan/Puerto Rico)
  61. Three Sheets (London/UK)
  62. Backdoor 43 (Milan/Italy)
  63. Employees Only (New York/US)
  64. Satan’s Whiskers (London/UK)
  65. Tippling Club (Singapore/Singapore)
  66. Bar 1802 (Paris/France)
  67. Coupette (London/UK)
  68. Tjoget (Stockholm/Sweden)
  69. Barro Negro (Athens/Greece)
  70. Elephant Room (Singapore City/Singapore)
  71. Angelita (Madrid/Spain)
  72. Mace (New York/US)
  73. Tres Monos (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
  74. No sleep Club (Singapore City/Singapore)
  75. Candelaria (Paris/France)
  76. Nightjar (London/UK)
  77. Donovan Bar (London/UK)
  78. Carico (Milan/Italy)
  79. Zapote Bar (Plaza de Carmen/Mexico)
  80. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)
  81. Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen(Cape Town/South Africa)
  82. Line (Athens/Greece)
  83. Boadas (Barcelona/Spain)
  84. Bar Trench (Tokyo/Japan)
  85. Seed Library (London/UK)
  86. Re- (Sydney/Australia)
  87. Presidente Bar (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
  88. The Dead Rabbit (New York/US)
  89. Callooh Callay (London/UK)
  90. The Cambridge Public House (Paris/France)
  91. Live Twice (Singapore City /Singapore)
  92. The Everleigh (Melbourne/Australia)
  93. Copperbay (Paris/France)
  94. Charles H (Seoul/South Korea)
  95. Black Pearl (Melbourne/Australia)
  96. Smoke & Mirrors (Singapore City/Singapore)
  97. Papa Doble (Singapore City/Singapore)
  98. Darkside (Hong Kong/China)
  99. Bar Trigona (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)
  100. Leyenda (New York/US)

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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