Gaspare Campari was born in 1828 in the small town of Castelnuovo in Italy. By the age of 14, Gaspare was a master drink maker and in 1862, Gaspare opened Café Campari in Milan, where he served his newly created ‘Campari Bitters’ recipe. Gaspare’s youngest son Davide worked at Café Campari for 33 years and only allowed rival bar owners in the area to sell Campari under the condition that they display the ‘Campari Bitters’ sign at their venue.

Word spread of the distinctive flavour of Café Campari’s house recipe and in 1932 Gaspare and Davide created the first ever RTD Campari & Soda. Today, Campari president Luca Garavoglia is the only person in the world who knows the entire formula for the original Campari family recipe. To this day, the taste has remained unchanged. Campari is the result of a unique blend of 68 herbs, spices, peels and bitters mellowed in selected spirit.

Campari is traditionally enjoyed with food and as an aperitif

45mls Campari
Top with fresh orange juice
Pour over ice into a short glass and stir.
Garnish with an orange wedge

Campari traditionally has a dry, bittersweet flavour, so always serve chilled to enhance its balanced taste. It’s rumoured that its inventor, Gaspare Campari said that you have to drink Campari three times before you enjoy it!

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