TMD Macadamia Nut Liqueur
This exceptional award-winning liqueur is created by combining the pure intensity of roasted Australian macadamias, crisp mountain cane spirit, sweetened to taste with the perfect amalgamation of sugar and locally supplied honey. The taste of TMD Macadamia Nut liqueur truly reflects the authentic flavours of the nut without any need to add spices or other nuts for enhancement, a taste that has recently earned this homegrown product 3 Gold Stars at this year’s International Taste & Quality Institute Awards (Brussels).

Some macadamia facts: The genus is named after John Macadam, who was a colleague of the botanist, Ferdinand von Mueller, who first described the genus. Also known as Bush nut, Maroochi nut and Bauple nut (Wild nut trees were originally found at Mt. Bauple near Maryborough in SE Queensland); Indigenous Australian names include Kindal Kindal and Jindilli.
Besides the development of a small boutique industry in Australia during the late 19th and early 20th century, macadamia was extensively planted as a commercial crop in Hawaii from the 1900s. The Hawaiian-produced macadamia established the nut internationally.

TMD Lavender Liqueur
A bouquet within a bottle, TMD Lavender liqueur takes its rich colour, aroma and flavour from an intense tincture made by infusing large quantities of dried local lavender buds into a five-time distilled neutral spirit then sweetened with organic Tamborine mountain honey. This beautifully rounded liqueur has already had global recognition at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition and International Taste & Quality Institute Awards (Brussels) garnering a Gold Star and Bronze medal respectively.
TMD Lavender liqueur is quickly becoming the new favourite floral amongst the countries leading bartenders, who are discovering that the quality and lack of sugar adds to the versatility of this artisanal Australian liqueur.

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TMD Lemon Myrtle Vodka

Our Australian alternative to citrus vodka, TMD Lemon Myrtle Vodka is made from native leaves that contain up to 97% pure citral oil giving this vodka a deliciously aromatic smell of lemon, lime and lemongrass. Rather than high citrus flavours our vodka delivers more grounded herbal notes, a complexity that is attracting a large following amongst cocktail makers and has earned it a Gold medal at the International Review of Spirits (Chicago – 2005).
Apart from sliding perfectly into an Ozmapolitan, the citral herbal notes pair beautifully when mixed simply with tonic, ginger beer or soda water and the Vesper will never be the same again when made with TMD Lemon Myrtle vodka.

TMD Eucalyptus Gum Leaf Vodka

This uniquely flavoured vodka has truly captured the iconic aromas of our Australian bushland through an arduous process that takes time, patience and complete control from beginning to final bottling. To extract the essential oils from Eucalyptus is no easy feat.
Not only does the first steam distillation need to be accurately controlled but the essential oils extracted then need to be purified through an even more rigorous distillation to make it safe for consumption. This is the carefully prepared flavour we use and then only a tiny amount is needed to impart the heady aromatics of the Australian outback.
This intense Aussie flavour is best mixed with the traditional accompaniments mostly incorporated in confectionary like the richness of honey or caramel and hints of citrus. Try our Koala Libre, a shot of our Gum Leaf vodka topped with cola and some freshly squeezed lime wedges or a Botany Baybreeze, mxing even amounts of pineapple and cranberry juice.

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