By Clyde Mooney – editor of Australian Hotelier

Service management specialist OOPS has announced the expansion of its successful Superior Service Awards to include a dedicated category for pub-style hotels in the Sydney area. 

The inaugural Superior Service Awards were held in 2012, underpinned by OOPS' (Optimum Operating Procedures & Services) 19+ years analysing service industries, with the winners announced January 2013. 

The OOPS Awards recognise the importance of outstanding service, citing research stating 'two thirds of consumers are willing to spend more with a company that provides excellent customer service'*. 

Venues nominate themselves and will receive two mystery visits from an OOPS Snoop, who will assess them on the key criteria of image, marketing, regulations/compliance and service in the three 'areas' of the venue – food, bar and gaming. 

"We feel privileged to be working with pubs' and clubs' management and staff who want to make a real difference in their industry," said Michelle Pascoe, OOPS managing director. 

"We look forward to the awards becoming highly recognised and sought after by the industry in years to come."

OOPS produce a 'Core Report' – this is a summary pulling together data from each client that can be benchmarked against direct competitors in the three areas of food outlet, bar and gaming. 

The OOPS Superior Service Awards program has five categories: Hotel/Pub Superior Service Award (Open); Clubs Superior Service Award (Open); Superior Service Club Award – Large/Medium; Superior Service Club Award – Small; and Superior Service Club Staff Award. 

*AmEx Global Customer Service Barometer 

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