By Andrew Starke

Blue Pyrenees has entered into a new distribution agreement with Bacardi Lion for the distribution of Barbaresso Oyzo and Tsarevitch Vodka in Australia.

From August 1, Bacardi Lion will take over the distribution from Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), which has held and developed the brands since 2003.

”I would like to thank CCA for their support in maintaining over the last few years, a strong presence for Barbaresso, particularly in the Victorian market as well as building Tsarevitch to where it is today,” Blue Pyrenees CEO, Andrew Koerner.

”We are confident that in partnership with Bacardi Lion we will continue to reinforce the presence that Barbaresso Oyzo and Tsarevitch Vodka already have in the Australian market.”

According to Blue Pyrenees, Barbaresso Oyzo outsells all Ouzo brands in the Australian market and represents a traditional Greek style spirit, made with the smoothest and richest aniseed oil.

Tsarevitch Vodka is triple distilled and charcoal filtered vodka that is promoted as a value option for mixing drinks.

“We are thrilled to add these two great brands into our portfolio and look forward to a long and fruitful business partnership with Blue Pyrenees,” said Bacardi Lion managing director, Colin Rochester.

Tsarevitch Vodka has an RRP of $30.99 for 700mls and $51.99 for 1125mls.

Barbaresso Oyzo has an RRP of $35.99 for 700mls and $54.99 for 1125mls.

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