Bacardi Lion has today launched a new cider concept, Applejacks, a fusion of cider and vodka.

Applejacks is made from New Zealand apples and cut with 42Below vodka to offset the usual sweetness associated with cider.

It has been launched on-premise as of 3 July in two flavours, Pippin Dry apple cider and Ginger Jive, an apple cider with a hint of ginger spice with an RRP $10 to $12.

An off-premise launch will follow in mid-August through BWS and Dan Murphy’s. It will become available through all other banners from January 2016.

Applejacks targets males aged 21 to 27. It comes in 330ml bottles with 5.4% ABV.

Tasting notes:


Nose: Fruity, fresh and natural apple scent. No candied or synthetic notes

Palate: Instant crisp apple hit, with a dry and less sweet flavour than other ciders

Finish: Light carbonation, slight sourness from Vodka balances well with fresh apple


Nose: Instant zing of ginger, with zesty apple notes increasing

Palate: Dry apple upfront and a lengthy kick of ginger spice. Easy drinking and less sweet taste than other ciders

Finish: Light carbonation and satisfyingly long finish. Smooth Vodka mouth feel

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  1. Why does your company choose to launch a new product through woolworths?

    Does the rest of the trade not matter to you?

    Would it not be a wonder to you why the independent trade did not then support this product in the future???

  2. This is delicious. Very refreshing on a hot day.
    Should be targeted at all ages of women đŸ™‚ rather than a target of 21-27 males.

    Not well advertised, found it by chance when looking for something ‘different’

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