By Amy Looker

The 2012 winner of the Liquor Stores Association of NSW (LSA NSW) Liquor Store of the Year award has urged more retailers to support the association that supports the industry.

Speaking on behalf of the winning store, Chambers Cellars Meadowbank, the marketing manager for Chambers Cellars, Matthew McEvoy, said that the chain was delighted with the win, but that more retailers and suppliers needed to support their local LSA. 

"Tonight was a great result for all the other successful winners in the other categories and the LSA as a whole," McEvoy told TheShout. 

"It's just a shame that the only industry body that represents and fights for the rights of the industry against the powerful, well-funded anti-alcohol campaigners are supported by so few suppliers and retailers. The LSA is supported by so few, especially the suppliers that don’t support the industry body that protects them and the industry."

LSA NSW president, David Reberger, also reminded retailers and suppliers at the presentation dinner on Friday night that the industry needs to act as a cohesive unit in the face of Australia's anti-alcohol lobby groups. 

"The health advocacy industry are well organised, outrageously well-funded and pose a significant threat to the combined alcohol beverage production, retail and hospitality industries," Reberger said. 

"Proposals from health lobby groups are not targeted at minimising harm, they simply want to reduce Australia's overall alcohol beverage sales and consumption by restricting supply, increasing price and restricting the way products are advertised or promoted under the false guise that there would automatically be social and health benefits," he said.

"The consequences of letting the health lobbyists get their way will result in serious negative economic consequences for this sector as whole, while not necessarily reducing health and social costs of alcohol misuse."  

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