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For the first time baijiu now accounts for greater brand value share than any other spirit type, after a surge in brand value saw the Chinese spirit overtake whisk(e)y for the first time.

In 2016, baijiu accounted for 23 per cent of the total brand value according to Brand Finance’s top 50 drinks, behind whisk(e)y on 37 per cent. But a sharp increase in baijiu brand value in 2016, saw its value increase to 37.5 per cent, while whisk(e)y fell to 28 per cent.

Baijius now account for four of the top 10 most valuable spirit brand according to Brand Finance, with Moutai out in front as the most valuable spirit brand. It’s joined in the top 10 by Yanghe (third), Luzhou Laojiao (sixth) and Wuiliangye (ninth), which all saw significant increases to their brand values throughout 2016. Gujing Gong Jiu was the fastest growing brand in 2016, nearly doubling its brand value to US$1.1 billion.

Brand Finance’s CEO David Haigh said: “These rates of growth support existing evidence to suggest that consumers are trading up to more premium Baijius.

"The Baijiu market is resurgent but some have suggested this may only be temporary and that Chinese consumers’ tastes will diversify without corresponding growth internationally to compensate. In such a situation, strong brands will be essential to maintain market share.”

Johnnie Walker remains the world’s most valuable Whiskey/Whisky brand by a considerable margin despite a 2% brand value drop this year. Its US$4.5 billion brand value keeps it in second place within the sector as a whole.

The top five most valuable spirit brands are rounded out by Jack Daniels in fourth and Hennessy in fifth. 

Last week TheShout revealed the world's most valuable beer brands and the top 25 spirit brands are listed below.

  1. Moutai (China)
  2. Johnnie Walker (UK)
  3. Yanghe (China)
  4. Jack Daniels (USA)
  5. Hennessy (France)
  6. Luzhou Laojiao (China)
  7. Bacardi (USA)
  8. Smirnoff (UK)
  9. Wuliangye (China)
  10. Absolut (France)
  11. Ruang Khao (Thailand)
  12. Grey Goose (USA)
  13. Chivas Regal (France)
  14. Gujing Gong Jiu (China)
  15. Jameson (France)
  16. Officer's Choice (India)
  17. McDowell's No.1 (India)
  18. Ricard (France)
  19. Ballantine's (France)
  20. Rémy Martin (France)
  21. Grant's (UK)
  22. Jagermeister (Germany)
  23. Martell (France)
  24. Ciroc (UK)
  25. Imperial Blue (France)

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