Starward is preparing to release its second Tawny Single Malt, following the successful first iteration which sold out after it was released in 2019, and it was awarded the Best Worldwide Whisky at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2020.

With the Tawny #2 being a limited release it will first be available through a ballot system, which is now open, with the first draw of the ballot to take place on 1 March.

The whisky was fully matured in Tawny fortified wine casks (both fresh and charred) and distillers then threw in some puncheon and hogshead barrels for fun, which allowed teh whisky to showcase the tropical notes of Starward’s spirit.

The tastng notes say “alongside the tropical notes, Tawny #2 immediately gives way to dried raisins and toasted oak on the nose. Brown sugar and rich dried fruits come through on the palate, as cosy spices deliver a slow and lingering finish”.

Commenting on this latest release is Starward’s Head Distiller, Sam Slaney, said: “Tawny #2 had a reputation to uphold, following in from the successful release of Tawny #1. Although, our team of distillers did still want to experiment, so we played with the barrel size this time around, to see how much of our signature spirit profile would come through with full maturation in the Tawny barrels.

“Although we took the prize for Best Worldwide Whisky in 2020 with our Tawny #1, we believe that we could have the new ‘best’ whisky on our hands, but we will let those lucky enough to try it, be the judge.”

Tawny #2 is part of Starward’s special Project Series, which according to Starward Founder David Vitale gives the team the opportunity to play.

“The team put away some larger format Tawny hogsheads and one puncheon back in 2015, which our blenders have been eagerly watching mature, to add more depth and spirit character to the whisky when they were finally ready … and we’re ecstatic with the result.

“We have an incredible abundance of quality wine barrels in Australia, even down to the size and varietal, there’s still so much to play with. We’re lucky to have winemakers on our team, who have a deep connection to these barrels, it helps to create something special.”

All successful applicants in the ballot will be notified via email. Following the ballot, there will be a select number of retailers who will stock some bottles of Tawny #2 from 15 March, although they will be hard to track down. Each bottle of Tawny #2 will retail for RRP $149, for a 700ml bottle.

Head to the Starward website to register for the ballot.

Andy Young

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