By Ian Neubauer

The Federal Government is likely to push for a ban on sportspeople and celebrities in alcohol advertisements, experts have said.

Two separate bills — one proposing curbs on the promotion of RTD products and the other proposing to ban alcohol advertising on television before 9:00pm — have been rejected by the Senate in recent weeks. However, the proposals enjoy a groundswell of support that could see elements of both bills combined into tough new regulations that could alter the nature of advertising in the trade.

“They are going to have to respond [to pressure groups] one way or the other,” Advertising Federation of Australia executive director, Mark Champion told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw some sort of move toward the adoption of the French model, where you can only allow the alcohol to be advertised and not the people,” added Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation CEO, Daryl Smeaton. “This is far from over. We haven’t heard the last of it.”

Other proposals to have surfaced in recent months include the banning of alcohol advertisements on billboards close to schools, an end to self-regulation for liquor advertisers, and the introduction of compulsory health warnings on all alcohol-based products.  

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