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Banrock Station has announced a partnership with conservation organisation WWF-Australia to raise money to preserve the Great Barrier Reef.

The South Australian eco-wine brand will contribute $750,000 through its Banrock Station Environmental Trust, which will help to fund the Rivers to Reef to Turtles research initiative, a four-year program that seeks to identify and measure the key pollutants in rivers, the Great Barrier Reef and in green turtles themselves.

Banrock Station wetland manager and trust panel member, Dr Christophe Tourenq, has over 20 years’ experience in research and environmental management and says the research will be critical to understanding potential impacts on the reef and for turtle conservation. 

“This new partnership is an incredibly rewarding opportunity to support WWF-Australia in an effort to understand the threats to one of the most iconic Australian ecosystems and its native marine wildlife, and help to find solutions to protect it,” said Dr Tourenq. 

“Key to our philosophy is helping consumers make a genuine contribution to conservation projects, and this particular project is something everyone in Australia can relate to. We’re very excited about the opportunity to make a difference for the Great Barrier Reef.” 

Banrock Station has supported vital conservation efforts across the world since 1995 and has donated approximately $5 million through the trust to more than 130 projects in 13 countries. 

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