By Amy Looker, editor – National Liquor News

Banrock Station has been given a fresh new look to showcase its ongoing commitment to the environment.

Developed after extensive consumer research, the range now sports contemporary branding, designed to create a strong consumer connection that speaks about environmental awareness.

Banrock Station senior brand manager, Suzanne Blake, said the labels are now centred on Banrock Station’s new circular logo, along with the tagline ‘Helping protect our beautiful planet since 1995’.

The green neck tag at the top of the bottle solidifies Banrock Station’s contribution to environmental projects worldwide, with the brand reinvesting more than $6 million in profits to support over 130 projects in 13 countries to date.

"We are very excited to be able to invest in this leading brand. Our consumers love to know they can contribute to a good cause, especially the environment and eco projects. This message shines with the new labels, which showcase our commitment to not only producing quality Australian wine, but also to doing our part to protect the planet,” Blake said.

“The Banrock Station team is incredibly dedicated to the success of the brand, and with this new packaging we’re able to tell a strong story about our passion for quality wine and helping the earth, which is resonating with shoppers on the shelf. We’re very pleased with the result and positive consumer response we’ve received so far.”

Earlier this year, Banrock Station announced a four year project, investing $750,000 in a partnership with the WWF-Australia to conduct important research on the Great Barrier Reef to understand the impact of pollutants on the reef and sea turtles who call it home.

A million dollar media campaign to drive awareness of this initiative is rolling out nationally across various medium and will follow with an in-store promotion for participating retailers that gifts consumers with a reef-inspired sarong with every two bottles purchased.

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