By Rebecca Harris

Melbourne is now home to a world first in beer technology, after a new bar opened with an innovation that will change the way beer-lovers enjoy their favourite tipple.

Last week (May 24-28) the beer-focused bar Biero officially unveiled their new Beervault technology, an device which keeps bottled beers fresh for days after they have been opened.

The beer is extracted out of bottles and fed into an in-built reservoir, thereby allowing patrons to sample luxury beers, without having to buy the whole bottle.

“Traditionally, boutique beer-tasting has been incredibly expensive as you generally have to buy in the bottle”, said Biero co-founder, Edwin Koh.

“But the Beervaults allow us to effectively have any beer on tap in a matter of minutes. What we’re aiming to do is make some of the most innovative local and international beers more widely available to the Melbourne drinking community.”

Biero developed the technology in conjunction with Melbourne-based industrial designers, JonesChijoff.

By using carbon dioxide to take the beer from the bottle, the beer does not come into contact with any oxygen, thus preventing the beer’s flavour from degrading.

At Biero, the beer will be changed fortnightly in order to showcase as many beer as possible. In addition, they will also focus on beer and food matching.

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