By Rebecca Harris

Australian bar training programs are proving to be a popular initiative, with Diageo’s Alchemy program adding a ‘Boot-Camp’ module to their current program.

The ‘Boot Camp’ allows for venues to book in multiple ‘Alchemists’ (trainers) to school staff on more than one module at a time.

The addition reflects the current demand for greater levels of staff training and knowledge within the Australian hospitality scene.

“Boot Camp is a really effective way to train staff if venues are short of time, they have a number of new bartenders or if there is a new venue opening,” said Sydney-based Alchemy trainer Michael Cookson. “It’s also a great way for venue managers to enhance confidence in their bar staff’s knowledge and ability”

So far, Alchemy trainers have hosted multiple ‘Boot Camp’ sessions for up to fifty people at a time, including sessions at the Manly Novotel, Sydney and The Mill, Milperra.

The session sessions generally last for one or two days and offer venues a range of modules, including ‘Product Knowledge’, Complete Bartender’ and ‘Cocktail Solutions’. 

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