By James Atkinson

West Coast Eagles AFL player Murray Newman has succeeded in challenging the conditions of an order barring him from all licensed premises in Western Australia.

The Liquor Commission of WA last week ruled on Newman's second challenge of the barring notice, after Police Superintendent Jim Migro first refused to vary it.

Newman was charged with grievous bodily harm and served with the barring order after allegedly assaulting a patron at the Library Nightclub in Northbridge, Perth in November last year.

It is alleged that the patron suffered a fractured jaw as a result of the incident.

West Coast Eagles CEO Trevor Nisbett wrote to the Liquor Commission of WA in support of Newman's second challenge of the barring order. 

Nisbett said it was crucial that the player was able to attend restaurants, hotels and cafés as part of his employment with the club.

The CEO suggested that the barring notice be varied to prohibit Newman from entering or remaining on licensed nightclubs, but allow him to enter and remain upon other licensed premises strictly for the purpose of attending club events. 

Nisbett gave an undertaking that the player would at all times remain in the company of a designated club representative at these events, and he would be required to exit such premises by 11:30 pm.

Commission member Evan Shackleton did not oppose the suggested amendments, and ordered that the barring order be varied accordingly.

Newman has since pleaded not guilty to the assault charge.

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