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New on-premise research from BarScan suggests Saturday is the time for light spirits trade with vodka and liqueurs trumping dark spirits like bourbon, scotch and dark rum.

XXXX, Hahn, Boag’s, Jack Daniels and Bundaberg are all enjoying on-premise success.

These are a few of the findings contained in Over the Bar 2010, a report based on over-the-bar data drawn from over 650 bars around Australia.

BarScan claims the report is the first to evaluate the mechanics of the nation’s on-premise channel. Using real sales information from bar tills, the report draws insights from over 50 million alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served over the bar each year.

According to Over the Bar 2010, light spirits represent half off all spirits sold on Saturdays compared to a little over a third for the mid week trade.

In particular, vodka and liqueurs experience a sizable jump in the share of trade at the expense of dark spirits.

BarScan’s Andrew Thomson said the report focused on the pub channel and individually examined each liquor category and its consumption patterns.

“This gives suppliers unparalleled insights into the trading dynamics of the on-premise channel that will enable them to better service and capitalise on the channel’s needs,” he said.

“We’ve been able to hone in on the different trading patterns and dynamics that make up the channel, while also pinpointing the importance of the various bar departments.”

“Bistros, public, gaming, entertainment and sports bars each provide patrons with different consumption occasions,” he continued. “As a result, the drinks that they buy reflect this.”

BarScan claims Over the Bar 2010 is the first report released anywhere in the world to delve into the on-premise world using real sales data from cash register tills.

The report looks at key corporate and trademark shares and which are driving the channels development.

The trademarks with the largest share gain (key channel growth driving brands) include three beer brands and two spirit/RTD brands: XXXX, Hahn, Boag’s, Jack Daniels and Bundaberg.

The report also looks into bar dynamics; such as which categories sell well across the bar, which bar types and on which day of the week.

For example the report shows that Saturday is the key trading day for light spirits. Light spirits represent half off all spirits sold on the Saturday compared to a little over a third for the mid-week trade.

In particular, vodka increases from around 17 percent of spirits for the mid-week trade to over 1 in 4 (27 percent) of spirits sold over the bar on a Saturday.

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