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The trend for craft breweries embracing nitro cans is continuing with Batch Brewing, in Sydney’s Inner West releasing its Elsie the Milk Stout in 440ml nitro cans. 

According to co-owner Andrew Fineran, the nitro cans bring the take-home option for their stout up to par with the experience of having Elsie on tap in the brewery. 

Fineran says the team is excited to offer the nitro cans as part of their new can offering – along with bottles, and growlers – because the idea of craft nitro cans is “a pretty cool proposition” that not many other breweries have moved into manufacturing them yet.   

 “We decided to do it because it was our only option to truly get the beer out in package the way we intended: a creamy, nitrogenised beer,” he says. 

“We weren’t able to get the nitro into bottles because of our bottling line set up. So when we bought our new canning line, we ensured it had the ability to nitro dose should we decide to do it.”

And according to Fineran it was only a month before the team decided that Elsie the Milk Stout cans were a necessity. 

So why release a stout in cans in summer? 

“We’ve found that this beer sells year round in the brewery, so why not get it out now and by the time winter comes, it’ll go nuts,” he says. 

The pouring instructions are key for these cans too – there needs to be nothing gentle about your pour. In fact, the more vigorous you are the better the nitro effect will be. 

You can catch the instructional video on Batch’s Facebook page if you need further encouragement. 

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