By Clyde Mooney

After 18 months of product development, a new venture involving an apple grower’s cooperative has released a premium cider made from selected Australian apple varietals.

The exclusive launch event took place at Paddington’s Four in Hand restaurant with food prepared and designed to match the new Batlow Premium Cider, including suckling pig served with cider-cooked vegetables.

The initiative between Batlow Fruit Co-operative and Coombes Bros is a strong development in the cider market, bearing the iconic Batlow name and a strong point of difference in a rapidly developing market.

Batlow Brewing Company has adopted a ‘minimal intervention’ method of cider-making from Pink Lady, Fuji, Braeburn, Royal Gala and Granny Smith apples, and contains no concentrates or added sugars resulting in a mature, natural taste to appeal to sophisticated cider drinkers.

“We’re absolutely committed to delivering a top quality, locally made cider to market, and we have total confidence that it meets our exceptionally high standards. We guarantee Batlow Premium Cider has been worth waiting for,” said Rich Coombes (right, with Sam Coombes and Ralph Wilson of Batlow Apple Cooperative), Batlow Brewing Company director.

The cider will be available in time for summer, coming in a draught and 330mL bottles at 5.5 per cent ABV.

The distribution strategy will see Batlow Premium Cider first launched in NSW with plans to expand into other states in the near future.

Individual targeted campaigns are being successfully run within selected venues promoting the use of the cider in cocktails and food offerings.

Batlow Premium Cider will have an RRP of $17.99 per four-pack. 

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