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Jim Beam has expanded its brand portfolio in Australia with the release of two new Jim Beam products; while the brand has also announced a new campaign focusing on its hero trademark, Jim Beam White.

Jim Beam Honey and Jim Beam Devil's Cut are now available in Australia, following on from the successful launch of the Jim Beam Black Cherry flavour variant late last year.

Infused with real honey, Jim Beam Honey (pictured left) is made with four-year-old Jim Beam bourbon and has a deep golden hue and rich flavour profile that brand director, Ray Noble, said perfectly complements the warmth of the bourbon.

"Honey is one of the hottest flavours in the world right now, and as the market-leading spirit brand we know Jim Beam Honey will be an extremely popular choice among consumers in Australia," Noble said.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut (pictured below right), meanwhile, takes its inspiration from the concept of the 'Angel's Share', which is the portion of bourbon lost to evaporation.

After ageing the bourbon in barrels, a certain amount of whiskey is left trapped within the wood which is then extracted and blended with a six year old Jim Beam bourbon to create the 90 proof Devil's Cut.

"Devil's Cut will speak to Jim Beam consumers who are looking to take a step up to a stronger bourbon product with a more robust flavour," Noble said.

Both Jim Beam Honey and Jim Beam Devil's Cut will be launched as part of the upcoming 'The Vegas Job' campaign, which will see one Australian contestant flown to Las Vegas, along with five of their friends.

The launch will be supported by a national campaign that involves in-store POS support and a tasting program for consumers.

Jim Beam Honey has an RRP of $39.99, while Jim Beam Devil's Cut will be priced at RRR $49.99.

Meanwhile, Jim Beam on Saturday launched a new campaign focused on its core trademark, Jim Beam White. The It's Time campaign triples Beam's regular mainstream advertising investment across TV, cinema and online commercials and point of sale promotion.

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