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Beam Suntory has today announced the launch of Canadian Club Spiced whisky which will be available to purchase from Coca-Cola Amatil in off-premise outlets and on-premise venues from 24 July.

According to Tiffany Madsen, marketing manager for Canadian Club, the line extension follows consistent growth across the entire Canadian Club trademark, which has generated compound growth of 30 per cent over the last five years and 11 per cent growth in the full spirit portfolio according to Aztec data.

“This is bringing good news to the category, capitalising on the growth of Canadian Club as a trademark as well as a full spirit.

"It is a no-brainer to launch a spiced variant. It brings in new younger whisky drinkers into the brand who can become spiced drinkers as it is more accessible," Madsen said.

"Spiced drinkers are a bit more educated about whisky and are seeking something different and is targeted at the premium end of spiced drinkers. It is also a versatile spirit that can be mixed outside of just Cola."

Beam Suntory estimates the spiced spirits category to be worth $58 million in the Australian market and represents growth in a flat spirits market.

The new product, which has an ABV of 37 per cent, blends Canadian Club Original with extracts of vanilla, all-spice, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and juniper berry, and will retail for $39.99.

“This is an important and bold move for Canadian Club, as we continue to develop its full spirit portfolio and expand mainstream and premium to luxury offerings,” said Beam Suntory Australia marketing director, Trent Chapman.

“Canadian Club Original has been a huge success and we’re confident consumers will love the taste and versatility of Canadian Club Spiced.”

The spiced whisky is the fourth product in the Canadian Club range and has a specific on-premise target market the company describes as “contemporary and premium venues”, as compared to the standard Canadian Club, which is focused on “mainstream venues”.

On-premise training will be focused on serving the Spiced product with ginger beer, mixing with apple juice or just on the rocks, while the standard Canadian Club Original is marketed as being best served with dry ginger ale and a squeeze of fresh lime or brand-called as a ‘C.C & Cola’ or a ‘C.C’ and Lemonade.

This is the second announcement from Beam Suntory Australia since it was formed, following the new packaging released for Jim Beam Devil’s Cut.

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