Australia will soon have Beam Suntory’s best-selling RTD in Japan in liquor retail outlets, with the landing of low sugar can, -196 Double Lemon.

It offers customers a ‘better for you’ option coming in at 0.3 grams of sugar and 122 calories per can with a six per cent ABV.

Beam Suntory Director of Innovation, Kay Oh said: “Aussies who’ve travelled to Japan show a genuine love for one of its biggest and fastest-growing RTD brands and cult-favourites minus 196°c Strong Zero, and we know that the love will be fulfilled by minus 196 Double Lemon. We also foresee growth via newcomers to the Japanese-style premix category with the launch of this popular drink.

“We want Aussies to feel like they’re enjoying the real deal straight from the fridge of a convenience store in Tokyo. The product is unmistakably Japanese, and we have no doubt that it will make waves for young Aussies looking for a high ABV drink that delivers next-level refreshment.”

It uses Beam Suntory’s Freeze Crush Infusion Technology at -196°C on lemons before they are crushed and soaked in alcohol, eventually combining shochu, vodka, soda and lemon into the 330ml can.

The Japanese inspired can joins Beam Suntory’s Koyomi Shochu Highball RTD (launched September 2019), which is also now available in a 700ml bottle.

The -196 Double Lemon will be available to order for the first time in Australia from June, priced at RRP $22 in a four pack and $47 in a larger 10-pack.

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