The Australian distribution of Becherovka Czech herbal liqueur has moved from SouthTrade International to Vanguard Luxury Brands, effective immediately.

Vanguard owner and founder, James France, commented that SouthTrade has done an excellent job with Becherovka in the Australian market.

“We thank their entire team for their great work on this unique brand and also for being so helpful in the transition over to Vanguard,” he says. “We look forward to picking up where SouthTrade left off, and to working with our network of bartender friends to take the brand to the next level.”

Southtrade Marketing Director Matt Rimmer added: “We are grateful to Petra Vranova and the rest of the Becherovka team in the Czech Republic for the opportunity to represent the Becherovka brand in Australia. SouthTrade is pleased to see the brand pass onto James who will ensure the brand continues its healthy growth in Australia. ”

Becherovka is a 100 per cent natural product without any colourants or artificial ingredients. The bitter-sweet taste works well alone and in cocktails. Becherovka has been made in Karlovy Vary since 1807 and only two people in the world today know the exact formula for its creation.

The herbal liqueur contains more than 20 different herbs imported from all over the world, along with soft drinking water from the hills near Karlovy Vary. The botanicals are sourced from as far apart as Australia, Africa, South America and Indonesia, along those collected in the area of Karlovy Vary itself.

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