By Clyde Mooney – editor of Australian Hotelier

The Australian Hotel & Brewery is enticing patrons to become ‘canbassadors’ and boost awareness of its move to package its award-winning craft beers in cans rather than glass. 

The campaign urges participants to upload their best – or craziest – photos or videos of an Australian Hotel & Brewery (AHB) can for the chance to win daily prizes or one of the major prizes of $10,000. 

Citing dedication to the craft of supplying top-quality beers, the AHB has gone so far as installing its own canning line on the premises to optimise the delivery of its ‘delicate, easily spoiled’ beer products. 

AHB resident canbassador, David Ward, told TheShout that the program is attracting some pretty "out-there" entries, including an AHB can tree, AHB can Easter eggs and AHB cans taking over the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. 

“Our cans are now available in Dan Murphy’s and it’s great to see people engaging with the promotion – sharing and posting photos with some pretty creative uses of our cans,” said Ward. 

The Sydney hotel-brewery says its choice to go with cans comes from a range of factors, such as reduced exposure to light, reduced exposure to oxygen during the filling process, and reduced environmental footprint. 

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