It’s happened to us all. We sit down for a meal and place our order. We wait. We don’t mind waiting a while, because we understand that good food doesn’t materialise out of thin air, but has to be prepared.

But then the couple next to us – the couple that arrived ten minutes after we did, gets served their twice-cooked pork belly, the same twice-cooked pork belly that we ordered – while we’re still waiting. That isn’t right, and we become restive.

We draw our waiter’s attention to the iniquity that has been perpetrated at our expense, and if we’re lucky he apologises profusely and assures us that our own slow-cooked pork belly will arrive just as soon as the niceties of the culinary art permit. The orders, he says, got mixed up. He then retires to the kitchen, whence the noise of ardent conflict can be heard, as our waiter berates his hapless colleagues for their inability to distinguish one grubby little scrap of paper from another.

And that’s if you’re lucky.

Now if only they’d had a Bepoz Kitchen Printer or Bepoz Kitchen Display Screen. With the installation of kitchen printers or screens orders are seamlessly transferred from the Point of Sale terminal straight through to the designated area.   And at that end there are two choices – paper docket printers or kitchen display screens.   

With both options orders are easily dispersed to identified areas, drinks to the bar, food to the kitchen, coffee orders to the barista and the preparation process begins, all before the waiter has left the table (if using a tablet) or the customer has returned to their seats. 

With the KDS option orders are displayed in order time and can be highlighted when opened for an extended period.   

No longer do your staff have to run orders to every corner of your venue, they can focus on great customer service and upselling. 

Orders are handled efficiently, and with absolute clarity. Of course the system keeps a record of the order stream, so you can refer back in case of any doubt.

Talk to your Bepoz representative about extending your POS into the kitchen. Your customers will get the service they deserve, and your waiting and kitchen staff will function seamlessly. What’s not to love about that?

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