We’ve always understood that small and medium business owners need to stay abreast of their venues operations.  Having business flexibility is important to all our Bepoz customers. So now all our Bepoz customers can enjoy ‘right in the palm of your hand’ access via our Snapshots app,  great real-time reports – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly comparative data to give you one touch access to your business.

Reports available include banking summary, daily totals by venue, promotional event tracking, discount and voucher tracking, nett sales comparisons, sales type breakdown.  You’ll have the ability to see what’s selling well by product on that Friday night when you’re not on site.

With Bepoz Point of Sale solutions fully integrated management tool incorporating intuitive inventory management, integrated membership and loyalty, inbuilt marketing and promotion, proactive analytics and alerts and unmatched reporting, plus adding our new Snapshots app you’ll be way ahead of the game.

If you’re a customer and want to get our awesome app visit http://www.bepoz.com.au/reporting-snapshots/ for more information. Or if you’re looking to upgrade your Point of Sale solution call Bepoz today on 1300 023 769 or email sales@bepoz.com.au for a comprehensive demonstration.

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