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Best’s Great Western has released three of its popular Great Western wines, the 2014 Bin No. 1 Shiraz, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2015 Riesling in new packaging to help highlight its 150th anniversary celebrations next year.

Best’s Wines was founded in Victoria’s Great Western wine region in 1866 by Henry Best and bought by the Thomson family in 1920.

Now run by fifth generation Ben Thomson, Best’s boasts some of the oldest Shiraz vineyards in Australia.

The continental climate means the fruit grown in Victoria’s Great Western develops flavours slowly, building intense varietal aromas and characters.

At the 2012 Royal Melbourne Wine Show, Best’s Great Western won the prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophy for its 2011 Bin No. 1 Shiraz.

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Best’s has planned some special events, commissioned a book and some unique wine releases in 2016.

Best’s winemaker Justin Purser says of the new releases:

2014 Best’s Great Western Bin No. 1 Shiraz RRP $25: “Certainly 2014 will be a classic year, especially for Shiraz. The regional hallmarks are all there – spice, florals, clue fruits and that slurpy medium-bodied intensity on the palate.”

2014 Best’s Great Western Cabernet Sauvignon RRP $25: “Most of the Cabernet fruit ripened up beautifully, apart from a portion of the 13 Acres block that was affected by the early cold weather. This wine was made from the best blocks – it has a presence and concentration but remains lively and sits in the medium-bodied territory for Cabernet.”

2015 Great Western Riesling RRP $25: “The 2015 season was kind as we saw no hot spots and regular even growth resulted. The cool nights (dropping down to as low as 5C) in autumn saw freshness and high natural acidity retained in the grapes at harvest. This was a good sign for Riesling – the elevated vineyard at Rhymney looked exceptionally good and produced very fine wine.”

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