Better Beer Co. has outlined plans for accelerated growth, including becoming a 50+ million litre brand in the coming years, and it will all begin with a capital raise.

Better Beer cofounder and CEO Nick Cogger said the company is now turning to the next chapter in its journey and is aiming to raise up to $20m, which he said will help really drive growth.

“Having only hit the market in October 2021, Better Beer is currently on track to produce over 10 million litres and reach approximately $45m in revenue this financial year. Given the lack of challenger brands to the major players in the beer category over the past 30 years, we believe there is an opening for us to create a 50+ million litre brand in the coming years,” said Cogger.

“We are currently selling over one million litres per month and each month the baseline sales are increasing further. More pleasingly, recent sales saw volumes more than double in the latest December quarter compared with that achieved in September.

“People thought we were being overly ambitious entering a category where two companies control the majority of the market, however within an 18 month window we have been able to build an incredible foundation and platform that is continuing to scale and grow each day.”

As well as working on two new products, which Cogger is aiming to launch soon, Better Beer is also working on other markets, which will also help drive growth.

“There is so much potential to grow and expand our foothold in Australia and we plan to invest heavily in more traditional, above-the-line marketing such as TV, radio and outdoor to get more people enjoying Better Beer in bars, pubs and clubs,” said Cogger.

“We launched into New Zealand in October last year with some great results. The plan now is to double down in New Zealand by releasing Better Beer in a range of different formats and continuing to support our partner Heineken with some significant marketing spend to get the brand out there with the Kiwis.

“Our co-founders Matt Ford and Jack Steele from the Inspired Unemployed remain committed and believe in our products and purpose, and through their unique platform and reach, they will continue to broaden our following.”

Better Beer Co. has appointed Jarden to oversee the capital raising.

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