Bevcon Bulk Spirit Dispensers are the ideal fit for the ‘lean and clean’ look which is central to contemporary bar design. Gun and tower based models are available, and with all major components discretely housed below the bar, unsightly space-consuming racks of old-fashioned bottle-mount dispensers are a thing of the past. 

The benefits go well beyond design and appearance: faster service and increased profitability make Bevcon spirit guns an all-around winner.

From a service perspective, Bevcon Spirit Guns enable bartenders to serve clients face to face, working with two hands (one for the spirit gun, one for the post-mix gun) for quick and efficient service. Bevcon’s MP4 technology enables guns to select from multiple portion sizes (up to 4) and to dispense with no delay between pours. 

Increased profitability is significant – often in excess of 15% when compared with free-pour practices. Savings come from favourable bulk prices, accurate measures, reduced labour and most importantly, POS-integrated inventory control.

Bevcon dispensers are monitored on a real-time basis, with software links to most POS systems. By comparing sales to actual pours bartenders will be held accountable as stock losses are detailed by location and specific time of occurrence.

With hundreds of systems sold throughout Australia, and thousands world-wide, Bevcon dispensers are the proven market leader. For more information on Bevcon Spirit Dispensing and inventory control systems, please contact us:

Cameron Lee
Bevcon Solutions
Ph 02 9680 4033
M 0417 023 054                                          

Drew Wall
M 0407 114 925

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