By Andy Young, editor TheShout

Lark chose a 200-litre Heaven Hill Bourbon cask from Kentucky, which has been maturing a single malt whisky for six-and-a-half years. The whisky was then transferred to a 90-year-old Seppeltsfield Para Port Cask for finishing. The decanted whisky will be bottled at cask strength, approximately 63% ABV.

Speaking to TheShout earlier this year, Lark said: “It is well accepted by all distillers that 60 per cent of the character of any whisky comes from its time in the barrel and so wood selection is important and so is the climate allowing movement of the spirit in and out of the charcoal layer.

“In Tasmania it seems we have the perfect climate for maturing whisky.”

Known internationally as the “godfather of Australian whisky” Lark was inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame earlier this year. He was just the seventh person from outside Scotland or Ireland to be inducted and the first from the Southern Hemisphere.

When speaking to Lark one thing that comes across is his passion, and that is not only for his own whiskies, but also for all Tasmanian distilleries.

“Whilst we have gained the title of Australia’s Whisky Isle, and all of the distilleries are producing some of the highest awards and accolades worldwide for their whiskies, there are a number of distilleries producing some sensational spirits as well,” he says. “I do think we are in for a real treat from Tasmanian whiskies over the next couple of years. Whilst passion and quality are paramount we are starting to come across some very special releases for instance at Lark we also make our own rum, matured in our own whisky barrels and when we release the rum, we then finish some of our very best whisky back in these barrels to produce a world first rum finish in a barrel of rum produced from the same distillery.”

The Lark Hall of Fame Limited release whisky will be available early September and will be sold in Australia and the UK. There will be approximately 220 bottles only.

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