Mention the word Bintang to anyone who has ever traveled to Indonesia, and you are bound to receive a fun filled trip down Memory Lane consisting of warm balmy nights, great company and ample amounts of deliciously crisp Bintang!

For those who have sampled it during this time-honoured Aussie rite of passage, just the thought of a Bintang is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Bintang has been brewed in Indonesia for more than 80 years now and will become available in Australia from October 2010 .The highly drinkable beer is renowned around the world for its easy taste, even for those who aren’t big beer drinkers.

With a distinct hops and malt flavor, Bintang is a 4.7% pilsner, light golden in colour and crystal clear. It exudes a clean malt fragrance which is very easy on the palette and consists of a dry and bitter hops finish.

Every red blooded Australian who goes to Bali almost immediately gets hold of a cold Bintang beer on arrival. Usually it happens about 5 minutes after checking into the hotel and doesn’t end until the sad end of the exotic villa, sun, sea and surf vacation. It is ideal for those steamy Bali afternoons (some Seminyak expats like it on steamy Bali mornings, but that’s another matter). Now, there is no more need to postpone the memories of Bali indulgence until your next trip, recall the wonderful Bintang experiences daily in Australia

Bintang is 4.7% ABV. Available in six packs and cases. It retails for approximately $16.95 per six-pack and $49.95 per case.

Ph: (02) 8383 0600


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