The Vintage House Wine and Spirits portfolio has expanded with the launch, this week, of Blind Tiger Organic Gin, adding to the already expansive organic wine offering. 

Historically, a “Blind Tiger” was a Prohibition-era establishment that sold illegal cocktails, many of which were gin based.

Building on that tradition, Blind Tiger Organic Gin is distilled in small batches and is a “complex, yet elegant and aromatic” gin. The company has sought out only the most sustainable organic botanicals for use in Blind Tiger Organic Gin, with juniper berries, coriander root, angelica root and summer savory all featuring in the botanical profile. The coriander root enhances the citrus characters of the juniper and imparts a subtle earthy character while the angelica root adds an aromatic musk note. The summer savory herb completes the botanical mix and contributes a subtle “mint-like, peppery character”.

The combination of these botanicals creates a London Dry gin that is a perfect mixer with tonic or soda and a great base for one of the hugely popular gin based cocktails that are currently enjoying a resurgence, such as the Negroni.

The botanicals are distilled in a traditional small gin still to create an aromatic infusion that is blended with an organic wheat spirit to create Blind Tiger. According to the company there is “great skill in knowing the exact point at which to ‘make the cut’ and the precise blend of botanicals to give the gin the perfect flavour profile”. 

The team behind Blind Tiger believe that “quality starts with quality ingredients” and as such they have built on their knowledge of organic wines to create a certified organic gin that uses only ingredients from certified organic sources to create “a purity of flavour” while ensuring that the resources used are all ethical and sustainable. 

“Organic farming means that no artificial herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers are used in the growing of the grain or botanicals we use. This ensures that we minimise our impact on the environment while crafting a spirit that speaks of the clean, green approach we take in making it,” they said in a statement.

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