Bluetongue Brewery had an outstanding year in 2008 and is now the fastest growing domestic Beer in Australia . Bluetongue Brewery set out to produce a range of beers suitable for the Australian palate, delighting with original flavours that tantalise the taste buds with an unexpected and fresh beer experience, which Australians have embraced. The Bluetongue range offers beer lovers the opportunity to experience a truly unique Australian beer from Lager to Light, with some ginger in between. With a new Brewery opening in 2010 – the vision and scope of Bluetongue will continue to thrive.

Over this Australia Day Long weekend, there could be no better accompaniment to an Aussie BBQ then a Premium Bluetongue Beer:

Bluetongue Premium Lager – Winner of ALIA for The Best Craft Beer 2008.
Bluetongue Premium Lager’s fresh, full flavour comes from soft Hunter water and the finest local malted barley.

Tasmanian bittering hops with a late addition of noble German Hersbrucker hops create a deliciously crisp bitterness and a tantalising floral aroma.

Bluetongue Traditional Pilsener
The more intense Pilsener is created by using a combination of authentic Czech Saaz hops with soft Hunter water and premium Australian malted barley.

The full-bodied Pilsener has a malty flavour, pleasing bitterness and fruity hop aromas.

Bluetongue Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Bluetongue Ginger Beer is a unique, ginger infused lager. That’s right, lager.
It is refreshing and lively with a gentle ginger zing.

Bluetongue Premium Light
This amber coloured light beer is deliciously complex and rich in premium malt flavour.

Crafted from a combination of the best Australian, German and Czech noble hops it has a crisp, balanced bitterness and just a hint of caramel.

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