BOC, a global expert in gas solutions, has launched an online gas safety tool on their Australian website, that any venue dealing with gas can use.

As the beer is poured and patrons roll into the pub, management should always remain focused on keeping everyone safe.

Behind the scenes, pub workers will often move between the cellar, cool room and bar to access stored gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen that are essential for carbonating, preserving and dispensing beverages.

Managing the risks associated with the storage and use of these gases is vital to ensure your pub complies with Australian Standard 5034-2005 (Installation and use of inert gases for beverage dispensing), and prevent injury.

BOC business manager Robert Chelva, says as a leader in safety for the hospitality industry, BOC has now launched an online gas safety tool (details in our gas safety tips) that enables any publican or supervisor to complete a self-assessment that will identify areas of risk that should be urgently addressed to meet State Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations. 

“Hospitality gases are safe to use, but in an environment with little to no room ventilation and insufficient safety systems in place, as inert gases they can cause asphyxiation which in extreme cases can result in death.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to safety, BOC is supporting, educating and developing new offers for the hospitality industry from pubs and clubs to hotels and restaurants, to ensure all workers feel safe working around gases. 

“We encourage any publican or supervisor to spend just 10 minutes completing our short and easy confidential self-assessment on gas storage and use it at your pub because at the end of the day, being unaware or doing nothing isn’t a valid excuse and can be very dangerous.”


The online safety tool can be found at

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