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Casella is giving the Australian public the choice to vote for one of two premium lagers it has launched under the fledgling 'Arvo' brand – but it may keep both on the market if there is an even split in voting, boss John Casella said yesterday.

The true extent of Casella's brewing venture was revealed yesterday, following a marketing campaign that began in April this year with the 'Perfect Lager Project'.

Around 3,000 people took part using an iPhone app that enabled them to rate their beer drinking moments and submit information to Casella's brew masters about preferred flavour profiles and tastes.

As a result, Casella is launching two Arvo lagers, each with a slightly different flavour profile. The decision then lies with the Australian public, via online voting, as to which one will go on sale permanently later this year.

But with voting on the beers currently running fairly close to an even split – Arvo 51 currently has 59 per cent of votes, against the 41 per cent share of Arvo 34 – Casella said the company is considering sticking with both. [continues below]

Commercial manager Daniel Casella, with managing director John Casella

"[There's no] commitment at this stage but we'll certainly consider it depending on the end result of the survey," he said.

The two Arvo beers are distinguished by the numbers 34 and 51 as these are the number of experimental brews created before the brew masters were able to narrow it down to the two beer profiles that the public preferred.

Each six-pack of Arvo (RRP $18) will come with three bottles of each lager, with Australians able to vote for their favourite online.

Casella senior brand and innovation manager Fiona Seath said Arvo is targeting predominately 25 to 34-year-old men.

"These are guys who are already drinking premium beers," she said.

"What we aim to do is give them a domestic premium beer. For the moment, their need is being met by international imports."

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  1. Only just discovered ARVO beer & bought a mixed 6 pack. I believe I like the 34 better than the 51.
    Both are nice but 34 is different to most brews nice.

  2. I am excited to see a beer with the name Arvo ( my name is spelt with two AA’s but pronounced the same as your beer ) so now people can go to a bottle store and ask for me.

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