The busy summer season is fast approaching and venues need all the help they can get with managing the high customer flow effectively. BottleCycler is here to help – it is the on-site space-saving bottle crusher that will compact your venue's glass bottles fast, silently and safely.

BottleCycler reduces the disposable volume of empty bottles by 80%, with one 60 litre BottleCycler bin holding the equivalent of 300 stubbies or 200 wine bottles. BottleCycler is extra quiet, so it can be positioned in the service area. It puts an end to possible noise complaints and glass related OH&S accidents. It also eliminates direct contact with empty bottles, and saves time by letting staff stay behind the bar to serve guests instead of carrying heavy bar bins outside.

BottleCycler is a must-have for venues of any size. In fact, several of current BottleCycler clients have become so taken with BottleCycler that they could not imagine their venue without one. This is mostly thanks to BottleCycler's ease-of-use – staff only need to throw in the empty bottles and BottleCycler takes care of the rest. For a monthly leasing fee, we provide the crusher, all glass collection, machine maintenance & servicing and recycling of the glass. Could it get any easier?

In short, this is how BottleCycler will benefit you:

  • 80% saving in space requirements – the BottleCycler system compacts bottles by 80%, and subsequently reduces storage requirements. 60 litre bins are used instead of 240 litre bins or large skips.
  • Reduced noise issues – our machines are insulated and operate at less than 70 decibels, which is less noise than you hear inside a car. The glass collection service is also significantly quieter than conventional collection services and eliminates noise pollution in built up areas.
  • Improved OH&S management – no lifting of bins and double handling of processed glass is required.
  • Glass processed by the BottleCycler system is fully recyclable – unlike comingled collection services, which means BottleCycler is great for the environment.

Satisfied BottleCycler clients include, among others: Albert Park Hotel, Honey, Momo Spice Market, Flemington Race Course, the Royal Saxon Hotel, Blacktown Workers Club and PJ Gallagher Hotel Group.

You can trial BottleCycler at your own venue for free and without any commitments. Call now on 1300 306 039, email or visit

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