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The Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) has condemned a hefty liquor licence fee hike announced by Victoria's Napthine Government, effective from next year.

The fee increase will only apply to large format stores with a liquor floorspace of more than 1000m2, going up 430 per cent per annum from $1880.80 to $10,000.

All packaged liquor retail outlets currently pay the lower fee regardless of size, however, the government’s failure to reduce fees for small liquor store businesses and the huge increase to large supermarket-style outlets is a disappointment to the industry and will threaten future employment opportunities, says ALSA CEO Terry Mott.

“The Napthine Government made a clear commitment to ensure that small business is treated fairly by reducing costs of doing business and they have failed to deliver on this,” said Mott.

“In the very competitive market place, the changes will reduce employment hours for staff in Victoria and impact independent grocers which sell liquor from larger licensed premises. Ten thousand dollars will also discourage existing small operators who wish to expand to compete, or new competitors who may wish to develop the popular large format stores.”

Mott said the changes do not represent a genuine risk-based approach to liquor licensing and fees and would only have a negative impact on both retailers and consumers. 

“This short-sighted announcement could see less consumer choice on our liquor shelves, as retailers seek to consolidate their range to maximise shelf fulfilment time and minimise warehouse movements.”

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  1. What an increase, as a Liberal voter, he has lost me, no way will I be voting for them… CRAZY !!!

    About the liquor licence in crease

  2. So Terry Mott goes into bat for ‘large format’ stores? Haven’t seen a word, or any action, re small business outlets having pay $500 next April all because immature drug stuffed under 25 generation can’t behave themselves in the City. We really ned to change our thinking

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