By Jordan Gelbart

Fluid Wholesale has introduced a new eco-friendly 100 percent recyclable PET bottle for their 330ml Brass Beer.

Brass beer was launched at the 2010 annual Tertiary Access Group (TAG) conference and Trade Fair in Perth on September 28 2010.

The showcase was part of the University and TAFE annual review of products and services and was well received by students and procurement managers.

The new recyclable bottles endeavour to minimise glassing issues and the carbon footprint with about 25 percent less impact on the environment compared to lightweight glass bottles.

Brass Beer is 100% genuine Belgium beer with no artificial additives and is exclusively distributed by Fluid Wholesale.

The brewer is located in Belgium and has been in operation for over 250 years with the largest inline PET beer bottling plant in Europe.

A six-pack retails locally for $14.95.

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