By Andy Young

The Brazilian government is lobbying the Australian Treasury to reclassify cachaça's position in Australian legislation.

Currently the sugar cane liquor is put in the same category as rum, whisky and brandy, which Australian law dictates have to be matured in wood for at least two years. That ruling is laid down in the 1901 Customs Act and Brazil is arguing that the law is preventing cachaça being sold over here.

In a submission to the Treasury the Brazilian government said: "Cachaça and rum are clearly distinct products, not only from a technical and physical point of view, but also from the point of view of customers, who are differently stimulated in their sense by the two beverages."

By recognising cachaça as a completely different product to rum, the Brazilian government says it would allow the drink to be regularly imported into Australia.

Cachaça is sold in many countries around the world, with exports from Brazil reaching 10 million litres in 2014.

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