Going by the name Alcoholic Architecture, the bar is located in London’s famed Borough Markets, and features breathable cocktail cloud.

The idea is that guests of the bar can wander through the atomised mix of spirits and mixers swallowing it as they go.

Created by the famed duo Bompas & Parr – their sculptural jelly creations first brought them to international attention – the cocktail experience uses humidifiers to create an environment that sits on 140 per cent humidity. Visitors to the bar then swathe themselves in protective gear and wander around in the cocktail vapours, with the alcohol absorbed via the eyeballs and the lungs rather than the stomach.

The pop-up was apparently created with the input of respiratory scientists so that a safe level of exposure could be maintained. As it stands, each visit lasts 50 minutes and guests ingest the equivalent of one mixed drink worth of alcohol.

The bar also serves regular cocktails that have been designed to complement the vapours. The pop-up will run for six months.

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