By Clyde Mooney, editor Australian Hotelier

The brewery behind the devoutly Australian Broo Premium Lager claims it can now offer a competitive alternative to mainstream draught beer with the release of its new Australia Draught product. 

After launching Broo Premium Lager four years ago, the Victorian-based outfit on Monday released the new, dedicated mainstream draught product at the Sydney headquarters of the Australian Hotels Association NSW.   

The brewer, which claims to be the first Australian company to permanently enshrine 100 per cent Australian ownership in its constitution, aims to offer venues a competitive alternative to the mainstream beers from big brewers. 

"I really believe every Australian hotel should be serving at least one Australian-owned beer, whether it be us or a craft beer or something else," founder Kent Grogan told TheShout.

"The publican is the one with the power, and the front line to the consumer. 

"Why aren't we allowed to have a crack at the mainstream market? We believe we've created a competitive enough deal to really be in the play and provide a genuine option for a publican to change some of those mainstream beers."

Broo says the launch of Australia Draught is underpinned by 'competitive pricing, emotive POS and national promotion' and has used its strong ties with the armed forces and SAS to engage veteran Damien Thomlinson as brand ambassador. 

Broo has garnered a lot of interest in its four years of operation, and Grogan said the brand is now on the verge of export deals involving the USA, India and China. 

"You know, mate, if you can sell beer for a living and actually grind out a wage, that's all you need. If you can get a holiday once a year, even better!"  he said.

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  1. Great to see Broo is going in competition at the pub. Well done Team!!! I am looking forward to seeing a 100% Australian Owned and Made Beer in the pub.

  2. Search is on for Take Away outlets in Sydney.
    In particular South West Sydney.
    TBH – it’s not easy.

  3. Hi, Yes I would love to see one of the best Australian Beers in our pubs and it should be on Tap and in every Pub also come on guys lets do some thing about Australian Beer, Australian Brewed Australian Owned and half of us have never even heard of these Beers Come on Australia lets all at least have a try

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