Budweiser has been named as the Best Global Alcohol Brand by leading brand consultancy, Interbrand, which has published its 2021 Best Global Brands Report.

Interbrand published its first brand valuation in 1988 and uses three key pieces of analysis as the basis of its valuation methodology:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or services;
  • The role the brand plays in purchase decisions;
  • The brand’s competitive strength and its ability to create loyalty and, therefore, sustainable demand and profit into the future.

This year’s report listed Apple as the number one brand, valued at US$408,251m, Amazon second at $249,249m and Microsoft third at $210,191m.

In terms of alcohol brands, Budweiser was the highest ranked, coming in 37th overall and values at $15,022m. Next came Corona, ranked 78 with a value of $6,952m, Jack Daniel’s was the third highest alcohol brand, ranked 81 and $6,537m, followed by Heineken, 89 and $5,720m and Hennessy. 95 and $5,299m.

According to Charles Trevail, Global CEO, Interbrand, the fastest rising brands in this year’s list significantly outperformed other brands on three fundamental priorities: Direction; Agility; Presicion.

Trevail said: “Direction, Agility and Participation are three key themes we’ve seen driving brand growth over the past year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the constantly evolving business landscape, employee buy-in, adapting to change and a strong customer base have helped certain brands to thrive.

“It’s worth calling out Tesla’s growth over the past year – a three-figure increase in brand value is unprecedented in the past 22 years of Best Global Brands. Tesla is a brand that epitomises the importance of brand Direction, Agility and Participation, so I’m unsurprised Tesla made the biggest leap up the Best Global Brands ranking in 2021.”

Gonzalo Brujo, Global President, Interbrand added: “For brands to be successful in our post-pandemic world, our ranking highlights the keys to unlock results. The brands growing faster than the long-term average growth rate are delivering when it comes to Direction, Agility and Participation – by setting a clear strategic direction, pivoting rapidly, and bringing consumers on a journey.

“As we continue in the Decade of Possibility, many of the Best Global Brands are actively expanding their possibilities by driving decisive innovation, developing more efficient business models, and taking uncompromising stances.”

The overall value of the top 100 brands has increased to US$2,667,524m (up 15 per cent from US$2,326,491m 2020), which is the biggest growth rate in the past 22 years of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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