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Diageo Australia has expanded its Bundaberg Rum RTD portfolio with a new range that has seen the distillery join forces with neighbouring soft drink producer, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

Launched exclusively to the Queensland market, the Bundaberg Rum Brewed & Crafted range has three flavour variants that are aimed at Bundy consumers in search of a more premium offering other than the usual 'Bundy and Coke'.

"Bundaberg Rum Brewed & Crafted was created for our core Bundy consumers who are constantly looking for more authenticity and craftsmanship in their drinks," said a spokesperson for Diageo Australia.  

"Bundaberg Rum Brewed & Crafted was definitely developed in response to the current trend of consumers looking for authentic, specially crafted RTDs using high-quality ingredients. These products are an ingenious mix of expertly crafted Bundaberg Rum and quality brewed mixers from Bundaberg Brewed Drinks."

The range includes 'Light & Crunchy' – a blend of Bundaberg White rum and brewed Apple Ale, 'Smooth & Shifty' – a blend of Bundaberg Red rum and brewed Sarsaparilla, and 'Dark & Stormy' – a mix of Bundaberg Original and Ginger Beer.

In addition, Diageo Australia has also released an expansion to its Bundaberg Five RTD range, Bundaberg Five Lemon Lime and Soda 6 per cent.

"Bundaberg Five Lemon Lime and Soda 6 per cent was developed in response to the growing number of consumers who seek premium bar quality drinks to consume at home," said Diageo's marketing manager for rum, Andrew Oughton.

"By keeping on top of this trend, we hope to not only boost sales of white rum, but also generate further momentum in the premium pre-mix category."

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  1. I have looked EVERYWHERE for this range and can’t find where it is sold?? I can barely find any info on the range on google or yahoo either .. where can I buy this? (I live in QLD).

  2. Cellarbrations seems to be the only place with it on the shelf. Tried everywhere else… dice.

  3. BWS in Cairns has them in stock.
    I”m fairly sure all their branches have them in stock by now.
    Locally they are $9.00ea or there is a deal currently on offering 3 for $20.00
    Cheers All.

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