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Diageo Australia has released a first for Bundaberg Rum, following the launch of Bundaberg Five, a five-times distilled white rum that will compete head-to-head with rival Bacardi.

Aged in white oak to create a unique flavour and filtered five times to create a clean, crisp taste, Bundaberg Five is said to deliver a smooth character, authenticity and versatility.

To highlight the versatility of the white spirit, Diageo also plans to launch Bundaberg Five in an RTD format with a blend of lemon, lime and soda.

“We are proud of the Bundaberg Five liquid and we’ve spent a great deal of time crafting and refining it,” said Bundaberg’s marketing manager, Matt Bruhn.

“Our engineers, distillers and blenders have installed the latest technology into the distillery to ensure this liquid is world class. What’s remarkable about Bundaberg Five is the versatility created without losing the Bundaberg character.”

Bundaberg presently holds a 12.5 percent share of the domestic spirits market but the global trend towards white rum has created an opportunity for the iconic brand. 

Bundaberg Five has an RRP of $32.99 for a 700ml bottle and $22.99 per six-pack in the RTD format.

It is expected to be available from the first week in June. 


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  1. I bought a bottle of Bundaberg Five today. Once I arrived home, I opened the bottle and had a smell of the newly opened rum. My first response was that of methylated spirits. That was not a good start. I gave the rum the benefit of the doubt. I served the rum with Coca Cola. The taste was horrible and still tasted what I would imagine the taste of methylated spirits and Coke. I have never tasted methylated spirits, but that is how I imagined it would taste. I gave my wife a taste of the beverage without telling her what it was, and she it was horrible. I tipped my drink out and poured something else. It was the worst rum I have ever tasted. I will not buy another bottle of that rubbish. However, I do like your other products. My opinion with your new rum is that people may purchase your new rum in the first instance, and then never buy another bottle again. Your initial sales will probably appear to be sound, but there will be no return sales, due to the horrible taste of your rum.
    Gary White

  2. I drank Bundy when i was younger but in the past few years i have switched to Bacardi. I bought my 1st bottle of Bundy 5 and love it! I now buy bundy 5 instead of Bacardi. If you dont mind Bundy & like Bacardi i think you’ll like Bundy 5. But if you swap form Bundy to Bundy 5 it might be a bit weak in the Bundy flavour for you.

  3. I think it smells/tastes like tequila for some reason, but it tastes quite nice with pineapple juice and ginger ale.

  4. What has all white Rum most commonly been mix with… Well Not coke yuk You mix it with coconut and pineapple juice

  5. I recently hosted/schmoozed a client and his staff at a cocktail party. We had a blind taste test and everyone (EVERYONE) thought is was white tequila.

    I then had to use it in a Mohito and it tasted like a Margherita.

    To brand this drink as Rum is borderline false advertising.


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