In this week’s instalment of citizen journalism, Chalk Hotel general manager, Jason Titman, has penned a few lines in response to a Courier Mail article, ‘Call to list violent venues’ published on February 1, 2010. The article, which can be viewed by clicking on the newspaper article below, discusses naming and shaming Queensland’s ‘most violent licensed premises’ and safeguarding security technology.

"Many journalists and so-called industry experts continue to make public comments and write about their preconceived notion of the ills of alcohol and how irresponsible they believe licensed venues are. As a licensed operator I am starting to wonder if such journalists, editors, politicians and others in responsible positions who wish to weigh into the alcohol and violence debate are really concerned about improving the community’s safety with respect to alcohol, or just selling more newspapers and making a name for themselves.

I make particular reference to the Courier Mail article of February 1, 2010 and the concerns of Ms Julie Kinross, the Commissioner for Queensland Information. In fact, I am quite confused and wonder if such articles really do anything to advance the public’s understanding of the issues at hand in this debate and the establishment of possible solutions. Ms Kinross said she is concerned that ID scanning and CCTV surveillance was compromising individual privacy in licensed venues. Who does she wish to protect, the victim or the perpetrator?

In the same article Ms Kinross calls upon venues to be "named and shamed". On the one hand she is blaming venues and calling for them to be named and shamed but when they try to make their venues safer by installing CCTV surveillance and ID Scanners she is concerned these venues are taking away the rights of the individual. Some of these commentators on the liquor debate really need to start living in the real world."

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