By Sacha Delfosse

Canvas Club in Brisbane is putting the theatre back into cocktail creating with the introduction of its molecular gastronomy-inspired Canvas Martini Ritual, while also fitting out its bar team with specially commissioned ‘bar holsters’.

After weeks of experimentation, the Canvas team have developed an innovative Martini making ritual designed to tempt patrons while still maintaining consistency in the taste, dilution and temperature of the cocktail.

“When I was thinking a house martini…I had four points I wanted to focus on: first of all taste of course, second was temperature of the Martini, then dilution rates and I also wanted to make sure no matter how busy or quite the bar is the drink was made the same way,” Canvas Club Owner Marco Nunes said.

“What we wanted to do was control dilution rates and the temperature, so what we did so instead of mixing everything with ice into a mixing glass we decided to use liquid nitrogen.”

Thermal flasks have been permanently installed at the bar, which the Canvas team use as a container for a liquid nitrogen double bath technique that is now used whenever making any martinis, whether gin or vodka based, wet or dry.

By using liquid nitrogen to chill the drink, and adding dilution in the form of water directly to the drink, the consistency in taste and temperature remains the same for every drink created.

The Canvas Club team are now also sporting the latest fashion accessory for professional bottle slingers, with Nunes having commissioned John Burton, from Burton's Saddlery, to create a stationary and bar utensil holster.

The hand made stylish leather holsters provides bar staff with an accessible and hygienic place to keep all the bartending tools required for the job, including cigarette lighters, wine knives, pens and paper, while allowing them full mobility behind the bar.

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