Capi and Industry Beans’ are launching a new mixer product later this month, with Cold Brew Martini mixer to be Capi’s fourth cocktail mixer product.

The Victoria-based drinks company created the mixer in collaboration with Melbourne-based roasters Industry Beans. It follows the success of their low sugar daquiri, low sugar margarita and watermelon margarita products.

“We’re so excited to partner with Industry Beans to bring this project and new flavour profile to the market,” said Capi Brand and Innovation Director, Thurman Wise. “They are truly an industry leader creating some of the world’s most innovative product offerings and roasting some of the world’s best coffee right here in Melbourne.”

The mixer uses cold brew coffee, which is often described as smoother and sweeter than espresso. It has also been infused with orange peel and vanilla to bring out the flavour. The resulting drink is smooth, but with a rich after taste, and can create a quality cocktail in less time than a traditional espresso martini.

“It was an awesome process working with the team at Capi to bring this product to life, they share the same passion we have for high-quality, delicious products.” added Industry Beans CEO and co-founder, Trevor Simmons.

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