By James Atkinson

Capi, the fledgling player in non-alcoholic drinks, will soon embark on a major television campaign to support its rapidly expanding distribution footprint.

Capi was founded by Pitzy Folk, a restaurateur of more than 40 years' experience who also owns the Map Coffee business.

Capi's range of premium Australian mineral water, mixers and fruit sodas was launched nationally last year after two years of product trials and limited distribution.

Folk told TheShout that Capi is already ranged in Dan Murphy's, Thomas Dux supermarkets and close to 300 cafes, and it will be available in Coles supermarkets from April 1. 

"By the time spring comes we'll hopefully be ranged in most of the major retailers," he said.

"We've taken on the big guys with the coffee side and we're now trying to do it with the mixer range, the fruit sodas and the Australian mineral water."

Folk is bullish about the potential for his mixers and fruit sodas, which he says provide a natural, premium alternative to the many products on the market that are laced with synthetic ingredients, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

"We wanted to get our hands on the finest botanical ingredients in the world and see what we could create," he said.

Folk also believes that aside from some smaller, regional-based players, no-one else is currently doing Australian mineral water at a premium level.

"We feel that Australian mineral water, in glass, as a premium product, has to have legs," he said.

"Every chef is talking about food miles and yet they're all serving San Pellegrino and Perrier."

Folk believes the April television campaign that was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi will help raise consumer awareness of Capi's products, which he acknowledged are up against some tough competition from the major players.

"But usually they're pretty slow, they always take forever to change tack," he said.

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