Capital Brewing Co has made its first foray into the non-beer space with the launch of two new products, Ginger Beer and Blackberry Hard Lemonade.

Capital’s Ginger Beer has been available on tap since November and is now also available in cans through the off-premise. Meanwhile, the brewery’s latest release, Blackberry Hard Lemonade, is currently rolling out in the on-premise and will launch in cans later this year.

Laurence Kain, Managing Director, Capital Brewing Co, says that he has seen a growing demand for non-beer products.

“We have definitely seen a rise in people asking us for alternate options beyond beer and it’s great to be able to meet that request with Ginger Beer. This is just the start, with our Blackberry Hard Lemonade coming out later in the year,” he said.

The input of on- and off-premise accounts has provided some valuable insight for the new Ginger Beer and Blackberry Hard Lemonade products, as Marketing Manager Jonny Day explained.

“It’s been a fun and new type of journey working with the brew team on this product. I’ve especially loved working with some of our key on- and off-premise customers on the development of the product. Their insight and feedback has helped us fine tune this Ginger Beer into something really special,” he said.

Capital Brewing Co launched its Ginger Beer at the Men’s Australia vs West Indies cricket match on Tuesday.

“We are stoked with how the launch event went at Manuka Oval. The Ginger Beer was very popular amongst the locals and Australia came away with a big win against the West Indies,” Kain said.

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